Flight Schedule Pro Q & A

Q: Do I really have to follow the directions?

A: There are times in life that you don’t really need to follow directions.  This is not one of them.  The good news is, you should only have to do this once!  We are happy to assist you with questions, but we do ask that you read the directions before contacting us.  (This will help us to continue providing the best possible service to everyone during this transition.)


Q: When is this happening?

A: We converted to Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) on January 1, 2013.  Please begin your account registration process NOW to prevent interruptions in your ability to schedule lessons and flights.


Q: Why is this happening?

A: After much consideration, we have concluded that FSP will provide better service, flexibility and overall efficiency for you and for our growing business.


Q: What if I already booked something for 2013 through Schedule Pointe?

A: If you already have a 2013 reservation booked on Schedule Pointe, we will transfer that to FSP for you.


Q: Can I sign up for an account even if I’m not an AAMO client?

A: For the privacy and security of our clients, we restrict the use of our FSP schedule to AAMO students, renters and employees.  If you are a new client, please call us at (636) 536-1341 to schedule your first appointment.


Q: Can I get confirmations and reminders via text message?

A: Yes, please click here to learn more about SMS setup.


Q: Why didn’t I know about this sooner?

A: These changes were announced primarily on our Facebook page and via our email newsletter.  If you don’t currently receive our newsletter, please return to our home page and register using the “Sign Up For Our Mailing List” form in the right-hand column.  We send two to four emails per month and will never sell your address.


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2 thoughts on “Flight Schedule Pro Q & A

  1. Joe bullington says:

    I am under express air flight school. I recently have been having troubles logging in. When i log in it says i have linked accounts. But i do not and my flight instructor also can not figure this out. It started with my first email after a previous flight instructor was fired. So we deleted that account and used another email, which fixed the problem scheduling. Then about 2 days later it started again. I currently can not log in to schedule my instrument lessons. My flight instructor name is Bob or (Robert) Oehl.

    Blue Skies,
    Joe Bullington

    1. airassoc says:

      Hi Joseph- I think you’re probably looking for FlightschedulePro customer service, rather than Air Associates of Missouri. Please visit http://www.flightschedulepro.com for further assistance.

      Best regards,

      Air Associates of Missouri

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