Flight Instructors

Scott Thompson
Chief Flight Instructor
Scott was captivated by the magic of flight at an early age.  He received his private pilot license on his 17th birthday and earned advanced certificates and ratings in the ensuing years.  He started flight instructing in 1998 and now instructs sport, private, instrument, commercial and flight instructor candidates.  As a long-time entrepreneur, Scott loves inspiring and empowering people through business outreach and through passionately sharing the transforming power of flight with aspiring aviators.
Email: sthompson@airassociatesinc.com

Patrick Russell CFI AAMOPatrick Russell

Director of Sales & Marketing
Patrick received his aviation training in St. Louis, MO beginning in 2007. He was introduced to aviation at the age of seven by his father, a commercial pilot and CFI. Prior to his flying career, Patrick earned a degree in Culinary Arts. He is a successful local entrepreneur. When he’s not flying, Patrick enjoys fishing, traveling and spending time with his family.

Peter Gibbs

Peter Gibbs
Peter received his bachelors degree in Flight Science with a minor in Air Traffic Control from Saint Louis University in 2012.  Ask Peter where he grew up and you’ll get an interesting account of youthful adventures overseas — he lived abroad for 21 years.  When he’s not flying through the sky, Peter is often staring at the sky because he’s fascinated with weather.  Other free time favorites include watching sports and playing ultimate Frisbee.

Taylor Nageli CFI

Taylor Nageli
Taylor received his bachelor degree in Missionary Aviation Technology from Moody Aviation.  Having grown up overseas in Brazil, he was able to see the great benefit that aviation can be to people living in remote locations.  His desire is to one day return to Brazil as a bush pilot.  His favorite free time activities include playing sports (especially soccer) and hanging out with friends.


Pete Urbanski

Pat McKinney
A flight instructor for 24 years, Pat offers lessons to private, instrument, commercial and multi-engine students. He also works as a software engineering manager at the Boeing Company on the F/A-18 Super Hornet. During his time off, Pat enjoys biking and hiking with his two golden retrievers.

Spencer Vandeven


2 thoughts on “Flight Instructors

  1. Gerald Martin says:

    Could you please send me info regarding private pilot license. Cost, time commitments, etc.

    Thank you


    1. airassoc says:

      Hi Gerald-

      Someone from our Flight School will be reaching out to you shortly with additional details regarding obtaining your Private Pilot license. Thank you for your interest in Air Associates! We look forward to talking with you soon.

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